IBF Foundation

Generating Perspectives

With work in developing countries worldwide since 1977, IBF has built an impressive experience in managing thousands of projects with a vast network of experts and local partners.

To celebrate its 40 years anniversary, IBF has launched the new IBF Foundation operating in developing countries and supporting individuals in need in their personal growth to increase their chances to be economically and socially integrated.

The work of the Foundation will also help to raise awareness about development aid and conditions in emerging countries among European youngsters.

The IBF Foundation will work on:

Traineeships on technical cooperation projects and supporting local children.

With the help of IBF and its network, the Foundation will be able to propose to trainees hundreds of projects, covering all possible sectors. Trainees will have the unique possibility to take part to development aid projects and at the same time support a child or student with a specific low budget sponsorship. Trainees will appreciate the benefit and happiness that comes from helping people in need, they will learn from this experience and spread the interest for development aid amongst their network.

Schools' Twinning:

Through the IBF Foundation's platform, European schools will be able to support schools in need from developing countries by purchasing materials on their market and therefore also helping the local economy.

Tailored Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

The Foundation will offer private companies a specific aid project, completely set up with the help of IBF and its long experience in this field.

This will help part of the local population in need to grow their skills and better integrate in the labour market and at the same time it will create a positive feeling on the staff of the company, as they will also be able to contribute directly if they want to and help populations in need.

The IBF Foundation's new website will be available soon. If you wish to receive more information please leave your email address by sending an email to Raffaella Panie, Director of the IBF Foundation, at raffaella.panie@ibf-foundation.org.